We’ve been laying low through the holidays.  We’re still house hunting.  I’m not sure we’ll be making any big decisions soon.  We’re looking at a rental property for now.  We are trying to re-establish our credit, which shouldn’t take too long as Mike has already completely cleaned up our credit reports.  HOWEVER, it doesn’t seem as if we’ll have that accomplished in time to buy a home.  So, rentals here we come.  Again.  We’re trying to make the best of it.  But as it’s probably pretty apparent with my lack of posts I’ve become a tad depressed.  I’m hoping once we’re settled in wherever we’re going to be I’ll get a little energy back.  Until then I’ll be trying to post some more & keep my spirits up.  I have a feeling in the end things will work out the best for everyone!  2012 may not be our year for our business, but our family is going to be very well taken care of and happy!

(Sorry no pictures this time… next time I promise!)


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