I guess we really can’t get enough of the stuff.  Mike & I went to Madison today to check out the Engineering program.  He’s been wanting to go back since we got together 10 years ago.  It’s just never been “the right time”.  I suppose we’ve both decided now is as good a time as any.  He’s in the beginning stages of figuring it all out now.  Which college, who offers online courses, what are his requirements as a transfer student.  Fun, fun, fun.  He’ll still have to work full time, but we think work will be a little flexible as long as he doesn’t slack there.  He’ll be a part time student, and work full time, along with being a great dad & husband.  Yep… he’s that awesome!

An update on my college stuff?  Oh, just the exciting stuff.  TB test.  Paperwork.  I can’t wait until the classes actually start (remind me I said that in December).  I’m getting further along on my portfolio for my scholarship.  I’ve done a few pencil drawings & some photography.  I really need to be better about remembering the camera when we go out.  I could have gotten some beautiful shots around the UW campus & the capitol building.  I’ll just have to remember it on our girl’s weekend out there at the end of July!  Going to with my buddy FudgiePickles to spend the night in Madison, then going to Summer Craftacular Sunday morning (as a customer this time).  We’re going to hopefully get to spend some time with PangeaHandmade, maybe help her set up for the show.  And JennasAttic if she’s not working her buns off!  Going to be fabulous!!!

Here’s a photograph of a barn we pass by when we head to the next town.  I absolutely love the old door!  “Eat ice cream for daily happiness”…  AMEN!  Mike literally whipped the car to the side of the road for me to get a quick photo… he’s a nut like that :)

Now go eat ice cream!!!


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  1. t says:

    I <3 your photograph. It makes me happy.

    I can't wait for ours girls weekend. Super excited.

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