If any of you have followed my blog, you know that Jen is one of my besties… she contacted my through Etsy & asked if I’d like to meet sometime and chat Etsy stuff.  After chatting online a bit we discovered that we lived literally down the road from each other!  She is probably the one responsible for the upcoming posts about fixing up some old ruined pieces of furniture we’ve had hiding around here.  In the two years we’ve known each other our lives have changed a little. She’s changed her Etsy shop a bit and doing well at Jenna’s Attic.  Jen has gotten married & moved a bit further away, but we still remain close.

I have another friend story… these friends moved from out west all the way to Sheboygan!  They are a pretty amazing family.  They not only are successful Etsy sellers, they are top in their category.  Before I introduce them to my readers I’d just like to say that it is amazing being around that much creative energy!  I really hope it’s contagious!  Kimber, Nick, Rex, and Daphne have become regular visitors at our little slice of heaven during their move.  They don’t seem to mind us too much, and I have a feeling we’ll be graced with their presence hopefully for quite a while!  They run Little Sapling Toys, the top sellers of toys on Etsy.  It is quite a thing to meet people that have actually “done it”.  You know what I mean… they are living the dream.  They quit their day jobs & are making their business work while raising a family.

It kind of gives us renewed energy to work harder, and especially smarter about our business.  We don’t just want to make our dreams work, we want our children to know that they can follow whatever path makes them happy and be successful… as long as they work for it.

These friends we made because of what we do.  What we want to accomplish.  We all have that one thing in common, the want to make our own way for ourselves.  The fact that an online community can bring people together and give them hope and energy is amazing to me.

Who inspires you?


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