It’s been a long, long, long while since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened. Mostly busy with the kids & getting situated in our new environments. It’s a sad thing to not have a studio. I didn’t realize how much time we’d spent being crafty. At the same time I never quite realized how much the old place took up our time… cleaning & mowing & just general living in a humongous home! It’s been a welcome relief to only have one bathtub to clean. Our yard takes about 20 minutes to mow. We’ll miss the quiet & being far away from the road and cars, but we have the most wonderful neighbors. It seems like with every sad thing we think of there’s a happy thing right behind it.

Window over the built-in’s.

Old door hardware. Love <3

So what have we been up to? Mike’s had to fill his time with a new project… a motorcycle! He bought a 79′ Suzuki for a few hundred dollars to fix up. I won’t tell you how much has gone into it, but Mike is going to know the bike inside & out! It is turning out to be a pretty nice project.

The carbs need to be put in… waiting on parts.

Our thoughts are always with our new studio. We went from having a gas kiln & wood kiln to needing an electric kiln to get back to production. Here in town an electric kiln is going to be the way to go. We might actually have a lead on a kiln. We’re hoping the price is reasonable. We will see! We are selling our stock in the meantime to help with kiln costs.

I think the kids like the new place…

I also have some exciting news… I’m going back to college! So far I have an Associates in Early Childhood Education. I really wish someone had told me then that I would make less being a preschool teacher than if I worked at McDonalds. Oh, well. That degree did give me credits toward my next adventure. I’m going back for graphic design. I think I’m equally nervous & excited. I’ll {hopefully} be applying what I learn to the blog as I go, so look for some new exciting updates this fall! As for me going to a 4 year school, refer back to our shop to support my crazy adventure. I have a feeling I’ll need to upgrade my laptop soon ;)

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