This table was sitting in the studio.

It was sad.

It was the junk table.

All our odds & ends that we didn’t have a place for ended up in a pile on the table in a dark corner.  I felt sorry for it because a table with such beautiful architecture should not be hidden away!  I manuvered it out of the studio & sanded.  And sanded some more.  And sanded again.  It had a ton of nasty water marks & dings.  It took quite a while, but I think every second of me melting away in the hot garage covered in dust was worth it!

I primed the legs & bottom with a primer, then sprayed it with a glossy white.  The top is stained with a danish oil.  The grain is gorgeous!  I’m so happy that it turned out this well!  I will probably be moving it in as a bedside table as soon as I get the ambition to rearrange the master bedroom.  It should look gorgeous in that space.

nightowlcraftworks table

I’d like to find a desk to re-vamp.  Maybe a trip to a few antique places around here… that’s a good excuse to go antiquing right?  ;)


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