After years of attempting a garden and failing I think we’ve finally got it! OK… Mike has been doing about 97% of the garden this year. Maybe that’s the key ;) And what a wonderful job he’s done at keeping the weeds down and making sure everything is watered and harvested. We have been getting lots and lots of cucumbers lately. We seriously over planted those. What to do? Make pickles!
I have made a bunch, probably enough to last my family until next season which I’m very happy about. Lucky pickles are easy to can because I am a complete newbie at canning.  I used a premixed container for my dill.  I think the next time around I’ll go track down the fresh dill, whether it’s in the garden or at the market.

I’m hoping our tomatoes redden up soon. I’m looking forward to round two with the canning equipment.  Our kids aren’t huge fans of red sauces, but we love salsa if anyone wants to share their recipe. I would appreciate it sooo much! Is anyone else canning this year?

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  1. Colleen says:

    Hey sweetcheeks, I have a great salsa recipe if you want me to email it! :) Makes a lot and you can alter the “hot” :)

    love and miss you guys!

    Colleen <3

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