Has anyone seen the Youtube video with the kids saying he’s “happy of myself”?  If you haven’t here it is…

That’s me right now. Super ecstatic cause I tackled a new project and got it to work with no problem on the first try!  I’ve been wanting to make this for Goodside Grocery Co-op. I volunteer there and we have notes & papers all over for our daily what to do’s. Some of the volunteers said they thought a book would be a good idea and I jumped right in! Here’s the final result…

 I used screw posts for the first time.  Now we have pockets to put all our notes down in.  We can add pages if we need.  I’m thinking I might make more.  What do you think?  Photo albums?  Is there a market for that anymore?  With everything on memory cards I’m a little hesitant to delve into a new product.


After years of attempting a garden and failing I think we’ve finally got it! OK… Mike has been doing about 97% of the garden this year. Maybe that’s the key ;) And what a wonderful job he’s done at keeping the weeds down and making sure everything is watered and harvested. We have been getting lots and lots of cucumbers lately. We seriously over planted those. What to do? Make pickles!
I have made a bunch, probably enough to last my family until next season which I’m very happy about. Lucky pickles are easy to can because I am a complete newbie at canning.  I used a premixed container for my dill.  I think the next time around I’ll go track down the fresh dill, whether it’s in the garden or at the market.

I’m hoping our tomatoes redden up soon. I’m looking forward to round two with the canning equipment.  Our kids aren’t huge fans of red sauces, but we love salsa if anyone wants to share their recipe. I would appreciate it sooo much! Is anyone else canning this year?

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I think Mike and I have figured out a great way to create the Etsy pottery listings.  I build the basics of the listing, and he finishes the description and tags!  We seemed to get through a bunch in a little bit of time.  I love the new chalkboard mugs we have!

I can say that it was much easier to list with a buddy :)  I even listed some journals that I’ve had done for a long while but haven’t listed. Check out our shop and let us know what you think!


This table was sitting in the studio.

It was sad.

It was the junk table.

All our odds & ends that we didn’t have a place for ended up in a pile on the table in a dark corner.  I felt sorry for it because a table with such beautiful architecture should not be hidden away!  I manuvered it out of the studio & sanded.  And sanded some more.  And sanded again.  It had a ton of nasty water marks & dings.  It took quite a while, but I think every second of me melting away in the hot garage covered in dust was worth it!

I primed the legs & bottom with a primer, then sprayed it with a glossy white.  The top is stained with a danish oil.  The grain is gorgeous!  I’m so happy that it turned out this well!  I will probably be moving it in as a bedside table as soon as I get the ambition to rearrange the master bedroom.  It should look gorgeous in that space.

nightowlcraftworks table

I’d like to find a desk to re-vamp.  Maybe a trip to a few antique places around here… that’s a good excuse to go antiquing right?  ;)


I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting this to try it out.  Scoutie Girl posted this Eco-Friendly Laundry & Dish Detergent post and I oohed & ahhed over the simplicity & eco benefits.  I was pretty skeptical that a DIY detergent would be up to par with what I buy at the store.  Oh, how wrong was I?!

DIY Laundry Detergent

I absolutely love this stuff!  I’ll cut right to the chase, the high points…

1.  I love that it is unscented.  I don’t know what it is about smelling all those detergents in the store that say they smell like a rain-forest or whatever, I don’t want to smell like that.  If I want to smell I’ll put on perfume or some essential oils.

2.  Since we’ve moved into the farm I have become a little more conscious about what we put into our water.  We are surrounded by farm land & we drink well water (filtered).  When you really think about it, you become a bit more aware of what you are doing to your environment.

3.  Grating soap is just darn fun!  No… really!  It only takes a few minutes to throw this detergent together.  The soap is the best part, it curls into little cute curly q’s.  Yes, I am that easily amused!

4.  The ingredients are CHEAP!  I mean that in the nicest way!!!  Who doesn’t love to save money?  Cause then we can spend it on other pretty things ;)

1 bar of plain soap (no scented, dyed or antibacterial soap!)

1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda

I use about 2 TBS per load in my HE washer, you may want to adjust your amount.

DIY Laundry Detergent

I hope you try it out & have the same luck I’ve had!  Every person is different, maybe you’ll find the perfect scent to add to your soap that makes it completely heavenly for you!  Have fun!!!

Do you have any neat household DIY ideas?  Share with us in the comments below!!!

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Happy 4th to all our wonderful troops & their families!!!


Photo Cred:  William McNeill

My Uncle Randy, his wife Ginny, and the boys James & Joesph.  We love you guys!


If any of you have followed my blog, you know that Jen is one of my besties… she contacted my through Etsy & asked if I’d like to meet sometime and chat Etsy stuff.  After chatting online a bit we discovered that we lived literally down the road from each other!  She is probably the one responsible for the upcoming posts about fixing up some old ruined pieces of furniture we’ve had hiding around here.  In the two years we’ve known each other our lives have changed a little. She’s changed her Etsy shop a bit and doing well at Jenna’s Attic.  Jen has gotten married & moved a bit further away, but we still remain close.

I have another friend story… these friends moved from out west all the way to Sheboygan!  They are a pretty amazing family.  They not only are successful Etsy sellers, they are top in their category.  Before I introduce them to my readers I’d just like to say that it is amazing being around that much creative energy!  I really hope it’s contagious!  Kimber, Nick, Rex, and Daphne have become regular visitors at our little slice of heaven during their move.  They don’t seem to mind us too much, and I have a feeling we’ll be graced with their presence hopefully for quite a while!  They run Little Sapling Toys, the top sellers of toys on Etsy.  It is quite a thing to meet people that have actually “done it”.  You know what I mean… they are living the dream.  They quit their day jobs & are making their business work while raising a family.

It kind of gives us renewed energy to work harder, and especially smarter about our business.  We don’t just want to make our dreams work, we want our children to know that they can follow whatever path makes them happy and be successful… as long as they work for it.

These friends we made because of what we do.  What we want to accomplish.  We all have that one thing in common, the want to make our own way for ourselves.  The fact that an online community can bring people together and give them hope and energy is amazing to me.

Who inspires you?


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My kitchen needs a little sprucing up.  These things are on my someday wish list…

yellow kitchen

Cat Recipe Cards by boygirlparty
Children’s Owl Apron by brownbobbin
Cherry Wood Wooden Spoon by KitchenCarvings
Screen Printed Mixer Cover by greencouchdesign

What kind of handmade goodies grace your space?


The Local Yokel Craft Fair & Swap was… for me anyway… a wonderful success!  It was a beautiful day, so we only had a few buyers, but the vendors were amazing!  I organized this Local Yokel, and I was honestly a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  I was worried that no vendors would show, or that we’d get some horrific storm and we’d have to cancel.  I would have liked to see a few more vendors there, but it’ll get better :)  We did have such a great mix of people & wares!

DSCN0798DSCN0796 DSCN0799 DSCN0800

As usual the folks at Paradigm did a great job at accommodating us.  Kate had a few big tables for people & we used the wonderful counter space.  It’s always nice when you don’t have to pack any tables, tents or chairs.  I think it took most people about 30 minutes to set up, then we had lots of time to browse & ohh & ahh over everyone’s work.


“the sentiments the thing” by tbexpoetry

I did do a little swapping :)  My favorites keep changing, I really do love all my goodies so so much!


Miss Owl from FudgiePickles

This is just a sampling of what I picked up.  I was a lucky, lucky girl yesterday!!!


Gnome People from EarthyMamaGoods

Look for us again right before Christmas!  We’ll have another Local Yokel then!


Be sure to stop by and say “hi” to us this Sunday if you’re in the area.  It’ll be a lot of fun & we’ll be meeting lots of new folks!


Local Yokel

At Paradigm Coffee & Music

1202 North 8th Street, Sheboygan WI

Sunday June 26th from 1pm to 5pm


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