I’ve been a busy little bee.  My lists must be working!  I have a little project I’ve been helping out with.  The Local Yokel Craft Fair & Swap!  It’s been going on in Sheboygan for the past few years.  The coordinator has moved… hopefully temporarily… but for the time being I’ve volunteered to head up this fine event!  If you happen to be in the Sheboygan area on the 26th of June between 1pm & 5pm head on over to Paradigm and say “hi!”

flyer For details check out the blog.  If you’d like to snag a booth spot let us know!  We’re still accepting vendors, and it’s completely free!



foxy-pocket-journal-5 Do you love them?!


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I’ve been a little MIA the past week or more…. cause I’ve actually been working! I found this app & I’m in love!  If you are a list person, you have to check it out! TeuxDeux is simple, you get to cross stuff off (love that) and what you don’t get done it rolls over into the next day!  OK, now I’m going to stop selling this app for a sec (oh, wait… it’s free on your computer) and tell you why I’m telling you about this.  I have a friend.  Yes, I do!  Anyway… we were talking lists one day and she does something I don’t.  She writes down what she SHOULDN”T do for the day!  For example, I was explaining all the computer related things that are complete time-sucks (#fb).  She writes “don’t go on FB”… well, duh!  That’s so simple that I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t think of it first… but I didn’t.  (Thank you Kimber!)  I’m sure a ton of people already do this… but I do not.  I’m still a little leery of actually writing that on my list… but I’m getting there!  So far the list is really working for me to have it right there on my desktop.  I don’t lose it.  I always know where it is.  Best thing is that when I get that 5 or 10 minutes of time to actually get work done I’m not spending it trying to figure out what I should be doing!  LOVE <3  Check it out!


How do you stay organized?



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I really really LOVE this thing!!!  I have a nifty little rack on the back of my bike.  Me being stubborn, I loaded up a canvas bag the other day & just bungeed it on top.  I didn’t account for the amount of bumps on the road & slop in my horrible bungee job.  Yes, my bag fell off the back of the bike.  I needed to fix this ASAP.  To the internet!!!


I found this great tutorial from instructables on making a pannier/ backpack.  BINGO!  I didn’t want anything I couldn’t take off & carry.  I’m thinking some snacks, a camera, someday if I can do it maybe even my laptop & head off to the coffee shop.

It was super simple, it’s still a messenger bag (just tuck the strap inside), and it only cost me $1.99 plus tax!!!  WOO HOO!

Do you have any great bike tricks or tips?  I’d love to hear!



It was definitely a work weekend at our house!  We spent most of the weekend prepping for a wood firing we are planning for June 25th.  I’ll post some more about that event ASAP.  It’s always a good time, lots of food & friends around a blazing 2300 degree fire… bring your smores sticks!  ;)

I love catching little moments when the kids decide to work along side us.  It’s the best…





Emily loves dotting her nose with clay.  She’s been spending lots of time in the studio lately… little does she know that we’ll be putting her to “work” if she’s not careful… bwah ha ha!



We even got some of our garden planted!

So far we have kohlrabi, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, various hot peppers, and one little tomatillo plant.  We still have watermelon, pumpkins, and bell peppers to go.



Our second year strawberries seem to be doing OK…

We are going to have a bad storm this afternoon (go figure) so I hope all our plants survive & don’t get washed away.



We had a really productive busy weekend… it caught up to us all…

Do you have any gardening tips or recipes you’d love to share?  This novice would love to hear them!!!

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That craft show we had on Saturday… it was great!  Until it started POURING!  Here’s our set up pre-rain…

craft-show-table-1craft-show-booth craft-show-table-2 craft-show-info-table

And here’s after we had to move inside…


For a bit we had a demo video playing.  I’ll make sure to post it here soon, I have some more editing to do to it.  I was hoping more people would have been interested, but they were pretty busy looking at all the pottery to care.  That was OK with us.


Today Emily got to plant the flowers we bought yesterday in our pretty new pots!

new-pots-and-asparagusAren’t they gorgeous?  Mike did an amazing job at making these planters. They are one piece and have drainage, he’s thought of everything!  We harvested the first of our wild asparagus, see it hiding in there?  And that beautiful planter box on the windowsill?  Yeah… I made that!  I’m so proud that it came out so well!  You might remember it from this post,  “My attempt at pottery…” I have a bit of cilantro, basil, and rosemary that needs to settle in there.  I hope I can manage to keep all these beautiful plants alive!

We have one of the planters listed in our Etsy shop if you want to take a peek… or you just really need to buy one ;)


Our next show?  Well, the Local Yokel Craft Show & Swap will be happening on June 25th!  Come on down to our favorite place around, Paradigm Coffee and Music.  This year I’ll be helping organize the event, so look for lots of info about the details coming soon!

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In April I started taking a wonderfully motivational ecourse, Inspired Doodles.  (I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves to draw and would like to learn how to break into photoshop.)  If you know me, you know I love making journals but I would really prefer to be able to design my own covers.  Currently I use scrapbook papers and just cover high quality binders board and create a journal.  I knew the only way I was going to be able to accomplish this goal was with a buddy & a cheering section.  When I saw Stephanie’s course I knew this was it!

inspired doodles

I was chugging along nicely for the first 10 days or so… then it happened.  My computer started to act up.  I was getting what Mike loving called the “screen of death” after about 45 minutes, then I’d have to wait for it to cool down & boot it back up again.  I backed up all my files before it totally melted down.  Then Mike decided I couldn’t be without my own computer, so he and my mother-in-law chipped in and got me a new one for my birthday.  Yes… they’re awesome!

I am a creature of habit, and I really loved my old laptop.  I had to get used to this laptop… it took me about a week of grumbling.  In that time I tried installing my old version of Photoshop… which did not work.  So, we purchased Elements 9… that was completely different than the PS7 I was used to.  Gah!  It has been a challenge, but I was determined that I was going to get this figured out!  Mike would come home after working a full day and keep the kids occupied for me so I could focus my attention on my task.  He is a really great guy!  So… after some naughty words shouted and a few times literally throwing my hands in the air I finally figured it all out!  Now I’m hooked!  I so many ideas popping into my head that I really hope I have the time and patience to work them all out.  Until then you can marvel at the progress I’ve made so far!

kitten cover purple_edited-1 kitten 1

This one was just put up this morning.  I’m going to work on the journal later today :)

when pigs fly_edited-1I couldn’t let Mike have all the fun ;)

WOW!  I forgot how much work was involved in getting a show ready.  Displays, pricing, not to mention making sure you have enough stock so everyone has a nice variety!  We’ve been loving every second of it.  Meeting new people.  Actually seeing people’s reactions to our work.  Getting out there and really talking to our customers.  I’ve missed it so much.

Mike enjoying the great music!

Last weekend we were at Motherfest.  If you couldn’t make it you missed seeing us… and some very talented musicians.  I was so impressed.  Each person that took the stage that day wowed Mike & I and they just kept getting better!

On May 1st we attended Art at the Gardens.  That day was full of fun and excitement.  Mostly because there were 25 mph winds and we spent most of the time trying to hold our stuff down.  All kidding aside, it was a wonderful time.  I think because of the high winds we all had to be a little upbeat to lift our spirits.  We met a bunch of wonderful people.  I almost went home with a bag from Mary Alison Handbags… if we had sold our goal I might have gotten two!  They were gorgeous!  I’m holding out for this pink one or maybe this floral one, when we have the “extra” cash.

They will be having another event at the Boerner Gardens on Saturday May 21st that we were invited back for.  Stop by and visit us at the Herb Faire from 9am to 4pm.  Hopefully we won’t get blown away this time!  **Mention this blog post & we’ll give you 15% off your purchase!!!

Have a great weekend!

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It’s that time of year!  The time of year when we get anxious about all the wonderful upcoming shows we’ll be doing.  It’s nerve racking and fun all at the same time!  We have a few weeks to organize our booth set up and make make make as much as we can.  If you happen to be out and about on any of these weekends, stop in and see our new pottery and journals!

paradigm 1

If you are near Hales Corners on May 1st stop in at Art at the Gardens and say hi!  We’ll be there from 10am to 3pm.

May 8th from 3pm to 7pm we’ll be spending the evening at our favorite coffee place, Paradigm in Sheboygan for MotherFest.

And don’t miss the Summer Craftacular in Monona on July 24th, from 10am to 5pm.  Just a short drive from Madison!

Check out our Upcoming Events page for all the details and locations.

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No… really!  We have an kitchen island from Ikea (I think).  The back is just a plain wood, very unattractive.  It’s always been “backwards” because I just don’t want to look at  the back while I’m sitting at the dining room table.  My mom came out for a visit last week and was asking why I don’t just turn the thing around (smart mommy).  I just never have the time to get it painted when I don’t have “helpers”.  I thought I had sacked away some black stain to paint it with… but couldn’t find it.  Go figure.  That’s OK though… cause we went to the store and got some chalk paint!


The perfect solution.  I painted it up while mom helped around the house (thanks mom).   Why didn’t I do this a year ago?!?!


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